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My So Called Balanced Life
Cleava Camisole Review and Giveaway

August 6, 2012

I am always trying to find a good camisole to wear under low cut clothing. The problem I run into is the camisole is almost as low cut at the clothing or it is a material that is uncomfortable or makes me sweat. I found Cleava a--snap-to-bra-camisole and it is the perfect solution. It is easy to use with just 3 quick steps and your cleavage is covered.

I received a white Cleava for review purposes and I will tell you I love it. I have a couple of shirts that I love but are too low cut for me and wearing a camisole in 95 degree weather is just not appealing to me; I don't have to worry about that now that I own a Cleava. It is a great way to feel comfortable and covered. Here I am wearing the Cleava. It actually looks like it is part of the shirt but it isn't. I love this handy accessory.

Here is some information about Cleava taken from their website:

Cleava was designed by a woman for women, to hide the décolletage area it can be instantly removed or placed on, allowing the user the freedom to expose or conceal her cleavage, depending on the occasion or environment. Go from work hour to happy hour (Corporate to Casual), no need to fully undress - go from conservative to sexy in seconds!


Young Trendsetter
Review (+giveaway): Cleava Snap To Bra Cami

July 23, 2012

The Cleava is one of the coolest things I've had the opportunity to review. It's small triangular panelof fabric that snaps on to your bra and hides your cleavage that sticks out of your shirt (it also comes a huge variety of colors!).

This is great for making a v-neck a little more modest and for following dress codes at work and school.I wasn't really sure this would work because it seemed too good to be true! When I first took it out, it was easy to see how it worked. The bottom snaps snap around the band of your bra and the other two snaps snap around the arm straps of the bra. There are multiple snaps so it fits a variety of sizes!

After I got the Cleava snapped on (it really only took like a minute!), I went out with my family to see how it would hold up. I wore it the whole time we were out (6-7 hours) and I actually forgot I was wearing it. When I got home, it was in the same place as it was when I put it on in the morning. It kept me covered the whole day!

Works well, stays in place, fits a variety of sizes, comes in many colors, comfortable

Sometimes can bunch up a bit but it doesn't happen often and it's easy to fix!


The Life Of A Coast Guard Wife

July 13, 2012

I have found a wonderful product that I just absolutely adore. It's called Cleava!

Cleava is a little piece of fabric with buttons on it that straps to your bra for a layered look.

Ok, I'm going to be honest. I do not have any cleavage. I am blessed to be in the IBTC. I'm sure some of you know what that means. I don't have the problem that some women do with their breasts falling out of shirts. BUT, I do not like low cut shirts. I have nothing to show off and don't want to amplify that with a low cut shirt!

Cleava has really helped me with that. I can wear the shirts I really like now with out having to put a whole other layer on underneath! Cleava simply snaps to your bra to cover your upper lady parts! No more pulling on shirts or adjusting things, just snap and go!

Also, for you ladies who like to show a little something something when you are out on the town, you can wear it during the day, and simply unsnap it in the evening and give yourself a whole new look in seconds! I personally found it very easy to get Cleava on and off with my shirt already on, but it can be done either way.

My overall impression of Cleave is fantastic! I can guarantee you that I will be buying more of these nifty little things!


Joan & Mariah's Reviews
Cleava, A Snap to Bra Review & Giveaway

July 10, 2012

Written by: Joan Co-Owner on 07/10/2012.
Last revised by: Mariah on 08/07/2012.

.... I got a perfect product for you! Have you ever heard of Cleava , a cami that snaps to your bra? I am happy to introduce you to an innovative product that gives you a layered look, without all the layers, or covers your gals when you don’t want them winking at the world!

To show you Cleava, I will start with some pictures of my lovely daughter’s breasts, that Mom prefers she keeps covered! To give you an idea, I can show her breasts, but not her face, answer that one for me!

Top of dress before wearing Cleava.

This is the Cleava, notice straps on top, they snap around bra straps and bottom goes under bra and around to top to snap and anchor!

Cleava on underneath dress, covering her cleavage! Looks nice.

I just love this look. It is so much nicer for a young lady in the office! The nice thing is it is just so darn easy to put on, and if you are of my age, the less layers the better, especially in this exceptionally hot summer.

Cleava comes in many styles and colors, from plain colors, to lace, to rhinestones so you can have fun and be fashion conscious. You can go from plain at the office to glitter and glam in the evening. How awesome is that. Check out this small sampling of designs:

I totally love this product and think a few of these are a must in everybody’s wardrobe. Not just for covering cleavage, but this is a very fashionable accessory. These would make great gifts for all the women in your life, and ahem, maybe some men LOL!


Mommy & Me Giveaways
Cleava Review & Giveaway

July 9, 2012

I have several tops and dresses that I love to wear but they are a little low cut for my taste. I have a few tank tops that I can layer underneath but that can be bulky and hot. It also isn’t working as well now that I’m pregnant. Most of my layering tank tops are too short now. That’s where Cleava comes in! Cleava is an easy to use snap-to-bra cami. It lets you conceal cleavage or create a layered look in a super simple way! You don’t even have to take your top or dress off to put it on or take it off.

You simply snap the left strap to your left bra strap, the right strap to your right bra strap and then loop the bottom section around the middle of your bra and snap closed. It took me 5 seconds. you can watch a demonstration video HERE. There are several snaps so it can be adjusted to fit every shape. The Cleava is soft and comfortable. It wasn’t hot at all and I loved getting the layered look without the bulk. And because it snaps to your bra, you don’t have to worry about it creeping up or moving.

The Cleava is available in black, white, and nude as well as many other fashionable colors. It’s also machine washable and dryer safe. This is a great, easy to use solution for covering your cleavage!


The Klauer Review
Cleava Snap to Bra Cami Review

July 7, 2012

First let's start off with the neckline on some shirts are just way to pronounced for me. Though the shirt is cute I sometimes shy away from getting it because I don't want to have to layer a full cami on top of a bra. Again this isn't always the case some of the baggier shirts with a deep neck line I don't mind a full cami underneath. But the more form fitting ones it just looks like I am adding bulk.

With the new Cleava Snap to Bra Cami I can now add a little flash to cover the cleavage and enjoy some of the more form fitting shirts without adding to the bulk. This is especially nice in Summer when honestly you just want to run around in a swim suit top and shorts. A few days this week would be great examples on not wanting to add more layers than you need. With Wisconsin hitting 100 degrees for 3 days straight less is definitely more. :D I mean honestly we are in Wisconsin this is where the snow birds come back to to get away from the heat.

The Cleava is super easy to use. It is a wide triangle of material that you can snap to both of your shoulder straps on your bra and then go through the connecting bra material around your bust line between your breasts and presto you have material that will cover your cleavage and make your outfit more business day time than party night time. With Multiple colors and styles and even embellishments like lace or sparkles you can find a Cleava for every shirt.


Is This Modest?
by Virtuous Blonde

June 19, 2012

I am reviewing the Cleava Snap-To-Bra Cami. I received this product in black lace on aqua blue. I think this product is an outstanding idea and quite practical. How many times have you bought a shirt and realized you were uncomfortable with how low it plunged?

This product can fix that problem in a matter of seconds. All you do is clip this Cleava to your bra. It was very easy to get on and off, with just three easy steps and you are ready to go! It is adjustable and one size fits all. I especially liked this product because there was no extra bulk of an entire shirt underneath, which allows you to look slimmer and stay cooler.

It covers cleavage, plunging necklines, and scaring. It does say that it is convenient for breastfeeding as well. As a nursing mother myself, I found it to be convenient because there was no extra shirt to work around, however, it was very difficult to clasp my bra closed with where the snaps fit onto your bra strap.

I really liked the black lace overlaying the aqua blue color. It made it look dressy enough yet, could be casual depending on what you were wearing it with. It gives a great layered look and I thought enhances an outfit.

It can be machine washed cold and tumble dried on low, which makes it practical. It is made from 92 % polyester and 8% spandex. The material fits and stays in place nicely.

Overall, I was pleased with this product and would like to get one in a solid color that would be a little more versatile. Great product and well worth the money you would pay for one. Give one a try today.


The Deals & More
Cleava – Review and Giveaway

June 9, 2012

a fun fashion accessory, that’s an ideal solution for mature women who’d like to wear many of today’s fashionably lower-cut summer dresses and tops, but don’t always wish to reveal quite so much!

I received this Cleava Insert to attach to a bra for review for you, and I have so many items I can wear it with! I got a black one so that it will go with most any low cut top and or dress, that I have. It is so easy to attach and wear, I thought it would play peek-a-boo with my tops but it doesn’t at all! It has an extra snap that connects to the middle of my bra that keeps in down, as well as a snap for around each side of your Bra. It stays secure!

As I am aging I am more and more aware of cleavage showing, my grandson is always quick to remark, as is my son, that they can see my “boobs”! I didn’t really realize it until I was told a few times that I guess I needed to buy different cut shirts, so as not to embarrass my son, or make my grandson shout out the word “boobs” to the world.

With the Cleava, I can stick with the cuts of shirts/tops/dresses I have always loved and add in my insert, and I am in full approval of my family that is fairly conservative, and also the public that sees me. As I mentioned earlier, the older I am getting the more you are suppose to change how you dress, otherwise others will be appalled at your Cleavage showing too much! Guess its only for the young anymore, sigh.

Cleava is 92% Polyester 8% spandex, it is able to be washed with like colors and dried on low. I always let my items air dry, I hate how the dryer can misshape, shrink, you name it…to all my clothes. I want this Cleava to last me for years to come, however, I am sure I will buying more to match my other clothes!! HEHEHE!

The triangular shaped Snap-to-Bra Cami, Cleava instantly:

· Covers cleavage to suit the situation – from the grandkids’ school play to happy hour!

· Adds a pop of color with new cool pastels and summer brights

· Creates a lightweight layered look

· Transforms plain dresses to evening-wear with elegant lace cami

· Turns simple to snazzy with rhinestone splash or edge-trim

What sets the original Cleava Snap-to-Bra Cami apart from imitators:

· It really looks good (not flimsy)

· High-quality fabrics professionally finished edges

· Unique three-point snap closure for security, comfort and proper fit

· Snaps around bra front center and to each bra strap


My OKC Mommy
Cleava Snap-to-Bra Cami Review and Giveaway

June 4, 2012

Have you ever been shopping and find the perfect shirt that's not so perfect when you get it on? You know what I mean. It is so cute, but is a little too revealing in the front for what you want to wear it for. It would look really cute with a cami underneath it. Only problem with that is-then the shirt looks too bulky and doesn't hang right.

There is a new clothing product that is perfect for these situations. It just snaps to your bra, and then when you are ready to show a little bit, it snaps off just as easy!

The only Snap-to-Bra Cami - - Cleava is a high-quality, cleavage-covering, style changing, fun fashion accessory. The triangular shaped Snap-to-Bra Cami instantly:

Adds a pop of color with new cool pastels and summer brights
Creates a lightweight layered look
Transforms plain dresses to evening-wear with elegant lace cami
Turns simple to snazzy with rhinestone splash or edge-trim
Covers cleavage to suit the situation (party, office, kids’ event)

What sets the original Cleava Snap-to-Bra Cami apart from imitators:

It really looks good (not flimsy)
High-quality fabrics professionally finished edges
Unique three-point snap closure for security, comfort and proper fit
Snaps around bra front center and to each bra strap

Colors and Styles: 35+ Classic and trend colors with new additions for spring/summer
Styles: Classic solids, lace on solid fabric, rhinestone splash & edge trim

Sweet T Makes Three
Cleava Snap-to-Bra Cami Giveaway
by Jenn

May 8, 2012

Conservative best describes my fashion style (ok sloppy best describes it now that I’m a mom, but you know what I mean) and I’m happy to have found a product that will help with my cleavage-phobia. I’ve never been one to “let it all hang out” so fortunately when I was a teen it was popular to pair a tank top with low-cut or button-down shirts. Problem is, I’m still stuck in that rut. I’ll buy a cute dress or top that’s too low thinking it’s nothing that a tank top or cami can’t fix when in reality this little cheat only looks good with a small percentage of my wardrobe. Mind you it’s preferable to the 1980′s and 90′s method which was to sew a piece of lace over the neckline. It never looked good on anybody, but everyone kept on doing it! I wish we’d had Cleava Snap-to-Bra Cami’s back then!

I had this particular top in mind when agreeing to work with Cleava on a review. It’s a little tight up top now that I’m pregnant so I don’t like wearing a tank under it. Plus I don’t want an additional layer to wear in the summer! This blouse is from Anthropolgy and one of my favorites. Cleava saved me from the grubby tank top method! Cute, huh?

Even if you aren’t conservative in dress, you know it isn’t appropriate to show in the office what you would during a night out. Cleava is so easy to take on and off, it’s easy to use the same outfit for day and night wear. I especially appreciate this feature as I will be breastfeeding again in a few short months. One size Cleava fits most, and they are offered in an array of colors. There’s even a few with rhinestones if you are feeling fun!


Why We Love Green

April 22, 2012

The Cleavais a really innovative product that helps solve the problem of low-cut shirts! Whether you are just looking to cover up during work or you are more comfortable covered up at all times, the Cleava is what you need!

I always have problems finding cute clothes that are not super low cut. Personally, I like to keep cleavage contained. My solution thus far has been to wear undershirts with everything, even dresses. As you can imagine, this can really fail at times, especially when it is 98 degrees, crazy humid, and there I am like an idiot wearing two full shirts! Thank goodness the Cleavasolves this problem for me!!

I reviewed the pink Cleava and I am ready to order a black and white one as well for the approaching summer months! You can see in the picture above, that the Cleava transforms what would be a super low cut dress into something that I can comfortably wear to church.

Here is how the Cleavaworks: it snaps around your bra straps AND around the center-front of your bra to keep this little triangle in place securely. It is not going anywhere and can be snapped on or off in seconds. Cleava notes that many women want to wear the same outfit from work to evenings out, and that using the Cleava is a great way to have more conservative work attire and a flirtier evening look all in one outfit. Just add or subtract the Cleava! The Cleava is also great for women who have scars from heart surgeries or mastectomies.

From my perspective, the Cleava is a great way to make an outfit wearable in many situations, which cuts down on how many items of clothing are needed. The Cleava is also a smaller item of clothing, taking up less space and fewer resources than an entire undershirt. And just think of the breastfeeding possibilities!

My mom and I trade information about the best undershirts and ways to layer our clothes. I know she would love one of these for Mother's Day, and I know I would, too!


Coupon With Cents

March 30, 2012

I wear alot of camis. I think I own one in every color of the rainbow. There are certain times that you just don't want your cleavage showing. I think every woman has one of those shirts that you want to wear but it just comes down a little too low. That's where Cleava comes in.

Compared to other products, Cleava is applied with snaps, no adhesives strips or dots are used with Cleava, therefore garments are not destroyed or an ugly red line left behind on the skin after the product is removed. Cleava applies quickly on or off with unlimited on/off uses and does not have restricted use as compared to other products that require the user to re-engineer the placements of adhesive and to continuously purchase adhesive dots or strips.

I gave it a shot and was very impressed. It literally snapped together in just a minute and it had the look of a full cami without feeling like I had a million layers on. This will be great for this summer since it is so hot already in NC. They come in various colors too!

If you want to cover up, Cleava is definitely for you!


Susan's Disney Family
Cleavage Cover from Cleava - Review (and Giveaway)

March 27, 2012

I am a working mother, and most of my time is spent at work or with my daughter. And with my work, it is professional attire only. So there are no options of “letting it all hang out” in my top area. I have to be very choosy when it comes to what tops I wear. I have a larger chest, and v neck tops are usually out for me when it comes to work. But not anymore. I was contacted my Cleava and I was intrigued. Would this little “dickey” of sorts really cover my chest and allow me to wear a broader variety of shirts to work without any problems?

Well I could not wait to find out. As soon as the Cleava arrived I tested it out and it was simple to put on.

Simple isn’t it? I was fortunate enough to be able to review a white Cleava, I went with white because this would go with most of the items in my wardrobe.

Well I know you are asking why not just wear another top under the low cut shirt? Well, I really am not a fan of layering it is just a hassle for me. But with the Cleava it is different, it is so small, I do not feel as if I am really layering it is just the right size to cover my chest, but not to make me feel hot or feel like I have too much on.

The Cleava will surely be great for the summer as well, it is small and works with all kinds of low cut tops. I will be packing this little beauty and bringing it with me on our trip to Disney World this May, this has become a must have for me. This is such a wonderful invention, the only problem I have with it is… where has it been all of my life!?

I wore my Cleava under a sweater I love, and this is the first time I could wear this sweater to work! I am a huge fan of Cleava, it was so simple to put on and the Cleava stayed put all day long and felt just fine and I felt great wearing it. The Cleava was designed for women by a woman, this is such a wonderful item. I would recommend a Cleava, for all women. Cleava’s are great for women that have had mastectomy’s, breast feeding moms, teachers lawyers, mommy’s and grandmothers. The Cleava is a great item that all women need in their wardrobe.

Why not pick up a few, they have so many cute colors, and I am sure you have a top that would go great with them. And starting at only $19.95 it is a great price as well.


The Children's Nook
Cleava Review & Giveaway

January 31, 2012

The Cleava is a cami that snaps to your bra. The brilliant part of this cami is that it is so versatile. This Cleava is in fact a v-shaped garment that gives the appearance that you are wearing a cami for a stylish layered look. However, since the Cleava is truly a small triangular shaped fabric, it allows you to quickly add or remove the Cleava to any top or dress. You simply snap the Cleava to your bra and you now have a new look. No straps to slip off your shoulders and no cami creeping up your abdomen!

After becoming a mommy, I soon discovered that a lot of my tops would get pulled down while holding my children. I stopped wearing a lot of tops I really like or was forced to layer my shirts with tank tops. When I came across the Cleava, I knew that this was the perfect solution for my tops that showed too much cleavage if not paired with a tank top. The Cleava is available in almost any color you can imagine but I chose to get my first Cleava in black. I am really happy with the Cleava. I found my classic original black Cleava could be worn with almost anything. The one clothing item I found that did not work so well was the dress pictured below. The material is extremely thin and you could clearly see my Cleava underneath the material. However, if that thin material had been a darker color, you would not have seen the Cleava. Having only one clothing item in my entire closet that is not compatible with my Cleava tells you just how versatile this cami can be.

The Cleava is functional in so many different ways. If you are planning on heading to a social function after work, and don’t want to have to stop home and change. You can simply wear the Cleava under your top while at work, so your outfit looks more professional and conservative. After work, simply unsnap your Cleava and toss it in your purse or car and you will be ready for your social event in no time!

The Cleavais also great for nursing moms. You simply snap the Cleava to your nursing bra and put on a shirt for the day. Whenever your baby is hungry, you can easily unsnap your Cleava to create a comfortable nursing experience for you and baby!

The Cleava can also help keep you cool since you won’t have wear multiple layers of clothing. Whether you experience hot flashes or are simply going out in hot or humid weather, this feature could help you stay cool and looking fabulous! The Cleava is 92% polyester and 8% spandex, so it has a nice soft feel to it and best of all it does not wrinkle. The Cleava is machine washable as well making this cami extremely easy to keep clean and ready to wear.