CLEAVA – NEW INNOVATIVE SNAP TO BRA MOCK CAMISOLE. Cleavage cover up create a layered look with less bulk. Branovations Inc, is in the apparel business with principal offices located in Naples Florida. We manufacture, design, distribute and market Cleava - Snap to Bra Mock Camisole the new innovative women apparel. We have been supplying Cleava to retail stores across the USA and internationally. Offering online shopping convenience.

In the fashion industry Cleava snap to bra mock camisole is also known as the following: Partial camisole undergarment, cleavage cover ups, modesty panel, mock camisole, detachable camisole, insert cami, fake camisole, faux camisole, secret camisole, insert camisole, snap to bra camisole,clip on mock camisole or chemisettes.

We recognize that customer satisfaction is the key to our success and strive to deliver the highest quality customer service and superior products. The company's management philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect to all customers and employees.

General Info
“The secret is out Cleava snap to bra cami has got you covered”

Be in control with comfort and confidence while concealing your cleavage or creating a layered look in a cool clever way…

Tired of the extra heat and added inches around your waist and the limited use you have of your wardrobe? Cleava is the solution to expand your wardrobe no need to purchase outfits especially for work or social activities. Cleava creates just that layered look that is much cooler than a full camisole or tank top without the fuss of continuously adjusting and pulling on your out garment throughout the day. Cleava is pretty, practical and very professionally looking! Oh strapless and backless and stays securely in place no double straps.

The advantages of Cleava are as follows: Instantly on/off. Cleava creates less heat than a full camisole or tank top. (Perfect for those woman that experience hot flashes). No creeping. No wrinkles or continuous adjusting (compared to a tank top or full camisole). The ugly bulkiness around your waist is gone no showing through your outer garment No double straps. More choices to choose from your wardrobe. Creates a layered look. Covers up cleavage, scaring, plunging neck lines. Convenient for breastfeeding moms (Cleava instantly snaps off, for breastfeeding, no need to pull the outfit over and out). Small and conveniently carried in a handbag. No tape adhesives, or hooks that catch and destroy your garments or accidentally 'unhooks'. Now you can purchase those low-cut outfits and not have to worry about oops moments!

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& Other International Patents are Pending.